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The revitalization of this historic destination is currently in progress.
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The Boston Globe's Devra First Shares Our Exciting Culinary News
Union Square Hospitality Group will open 2 restaurants at Commonwealth Pier. Stay tuned to see what Danny Meyer will bring to Boston in 2025
New Guided Tour of the Future Commonwealth Pier
As our revitalization of Commonwealth Pier continues, we invite you to take a guided tour of this future waterfront destination.
Construction Progress at Commonwealth Pier
We invite you to watch our latest timelapse showcasing construction activity between April and November 2021!
Demolition Substantially Complete
Watch our 6-month timelapse video to see the new public plaza take shape - revitalization in action!
Key Stakeholders Celebrate Start of Construction
Boston's Mayor Walsh, Governor Baker and other leaders celebrate the revitalization of Commonwealth Pier.
Construction Begins
Commonwealth Pier will create a vibrant, multi-use waterfront destination for Boston.
Construction Update
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Street Light Install – on the sidewalk along Seaport Boulevard from 4/9 – 4/11, with brief traffic interruptions to westbound traffic due to use of a mini crane

Fire Alarm Testing ongoing device testing underway, with horns and strobes initiated periodically on Monday – Saturday from 7AM – 3.30PM through April 12th.

Landscape and Hardscape of sidewalk along the west bound side of Seaport Boulevard

Planter Landscape and Hardscape on World Trade Avenue from the Hotel turn-around to Seaport Boulevard bridge 

Terrace Bridge sidewalk prep for canopy installation

Interior Finishes on-going for drywall, doors and reclaim wood painting

Planter Landscape and Hard-Scape in the plaza

Façade GFRC install on east & west apron

Exterior Envelope activities continue on the roof and exterior elevations working north to south during daytime


Building for a sustainable future is central to our project vision.

Approx. 86% of construction waste to date diverted from landfill
Re-use of approx. 80k sq ft of historic wood roof decking
Approx. 75% of soils disturbed for foundation and utility work will be re-used on-site
Protection of marine environment during construction
About Commonwealth Pier

About Commonwealth Pier

A more vibrant, multi-use environment for all is coming soon. We’re creating enhanced and extensive public spaces, with new retail and restaurants and events on our public plaza. There will be so many exciting ways to connect at Boston’s newest waterfront destination.

Public Space

Space to make new memories

Introducing new ways to connect, explore and celebrate the waterfront.

Enhanced Harborwalk

The Commonwealth Pier Harborwalk will be enhanced and expanded—featuring wider walkways inviting visitors to experience breathtaking harbor views as well as new landscaping, lighting and seating; access to cruise ships, public art, and connectivity to retail and restaurants.


The Pier will be designed to welcome pedestrians into the site by improving connectivity throughout the entire destination. We’re introducing a new grand staircase, widened sidewalks, and clear and accessible circulation including escalators, stairs and elevator access.

Seaport Hotel

Enjoy a stay at the award winning Seaport Hotel with Boston Harbor and city views, just steps from Commonwealth Pier.

Marianna Accomando

Retail Opportunities

We’re introducing 45,000 sq ft of new retail spaces—this includes shopping along Seaport Boulevard and a new restaurant and dining terrace across the upper level of the iconic Headhouse structure.


Angela VanArsdale

Public Plaza

We’re creating a new 25,000 sq ft public plaza facing the waterfront, designed to act as a hub and accommodate year-round activities.

Waterfront Niches

We’re carving out five waterfront multi-use, covered spaces around the Pier—giving the public plenty of seating options and space for year-round programming.

“The public spaces at Commonwealth Pier will be significantly upgraded with access to Boston's most prized amenity: the waterfront. Bostonians and tourists alike will be able to stroll the entirety of the newly renovated Pier's half a mile of Harborwalk. I can't wait to see it all come to life.”
—Megha Vadula, Senior Director of Development at Pembroke


From family-friendly activities to a wide variety of new events, our programming will cultivate a vibrancy distinct to Commonwealth Pier.

Historic Revitalization

Space to explore

Our Vision

The Commonwealth Pier revitalization builds on a rich history to create a more vibrant, mixed-use environment for all. By bringing fresh ideas and perspectives, as well as high quality craftsmanship to this reimagined site, Commonwealth Pier will prove responsive and adaptable for today’s expectations and tomorrow’s opportunities.

sq ft
Public space
sq ft
Retail space
sq ft
Office space
The new waterfront Harbor Plaza will draw people in with seating, landscaping and year-round activities.
“The deeper we dove into the building, the less we wanted to change what was already there—and the more we wanted to bring it back to life.”
—Kristian Ahlmark, Design Director at Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Read for more on the design inspiration  

“When we started this endeavor, we began by imagining what the potential impact of this building could be. The deeper we dove into the building, the less we wanted to change what was already there—and the more we wanted to bring it back to life.

The building almost created a language that we enforced with all our new insertions. All the new elements—they’re all open, transparent, and very sharp in the detail—but it’s almost like…you can see where we made the cut-out. We don’t try to hide it; We leave the surfaces intact. It was more about finding the essence of the building, and the qualities which were already there, to then slowly start to scrape off the layers to see what we could find within the building.

One example of where we’re taking away a piece of the building to actually recreate the old image of the building is in the creation of the public plaza.

The idea was that this would be the space that connects all the public parts of the Pier—places like restaurants, shopping, and areas to just enjoy your surroundings. It’s also where commuters and people walking to office spaces would cross to get where they’re going. The plaza in turn acts as this very vibrant, accessible, connected piece of the building for everyone.

That’s what we all were really trying to do with the revitalized Commonwealth Pier. It’s the blend of rediscovering the building, feeling the historical strength that was there, and adding new layers that lead this building and environment into our day and age for anyone who wants to visit.”

Our History

Over its storied past, Commonwealth Pier has served as the center of the American wool trade, a port of entry for immigrants, a major transportation hub—and largely—a place of exchange in Boston.

This restoration embraces our heritage while introducing contemporary, new ways to engage the building’s unique structure and character to preserve its use well into the future.



Space to nurture

We’re implementing sustainable design elements and making the pier resilient to rising tides and storm intensity threats, ensuring Commonwealth Pier meets the challenges anticipated from climate change well into 2070.

Targeting LEED Gold certification for Core & Shell
Resiliency measures target for anticipated sea level & climate affects
“It's been a pleasure to be part of a team that really put sustainability and resilience at the heart of the project. These efforts will help to set a new standard for resilient waterfront design in Boston. I'm most excited by this project’s holistic approach to sustainability, addressing environmental and human health & wellness outcomes.”
—Rebecca Hatchadorian, Associate Principal at ARUP
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